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February 15
Wrapping Your Head around the SharePoint Beast – Webinar Edition

In case you missed it, I did a webinar today on my "Wrapping Your Head around the SharePoint Beast" session and it was fun. It was definitely a lot different than presenting in person and being able to gauge attendee responses to my bad jokes, but fun.

As I've stated on multiple occasions, I created this session as the session I wish I would have seen when SharePoint was dumped in my lap. It stresses the importance of understanding the structure and basics of SharePoint and how being a SharePoint Developer is a LOT more than opening up Visual Studio. MetaVis should also be posting a link to the webinar for your consumption sometime soon. I'll be sure to link to that as well.

Thanks to all those who attended, thanks for the great questions, thanks for the kind remarks on Twitter, and thanks to MetaVis for hosting.

I've posted the slide deck on SlideShare if you need access to any of the links or just want to look at the Far Side cartoons again.


I actually did a whole blog post on What "The Far Side" can teach us about SharePoint if you are interested… Enjoy J

Next up for me is SPTechCon in San Francisco in less than two weeks. Come find me and say hi if you are going to be there. I'm teaching a jQuery workshop if you want to sit through 4 hours of jQuery and SharePoint. Also, if you still have not registered but want to attend you can use code "RACKLEY" and save $200 off the registration price. It should be a lot of fun! Thanks again for stopping by.


Great Presentation

I watched the archive version of this presentation after attending the SharePoint Saturday Ozarks and really enjoyed this one as well!
 on 9/21/2012 5:53 PM

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