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February 07
My jQuery Workshop at The SharePoint Technology Conference Feb 26-29 2012

It's that time of year again! David Rubenstein and the folks at BZMedia are throwing a bash in San Francisco at the end of this month called SPTechCon. If you have not attended an SPTechCon before I highly recommend it. There are lots of great workshops and sessions to choose from, plus the conference encourages the speakers to mingle with the attendees which makes it much easier for you to stalk your favorite SharePoint rock star. What's also great is that most of the speakers know each other, so if you are not sure which session to attend, you can always grab a speaker and ask them which sessions would best meet your needs. It's surprisingly an intimate large conference if that makes sense? Plus, this year they have expanded the conference from 3 days to 4 days and have re-located the conference to downtown San Francisco. Just don't expect to get a lot of sleep that week if you make it.

I've once again weaseled my way into the conference and this time I'll be doing a ½ day jQuery workshop on Sunday the 26th. This is your chance to come and learn best practices and fundamentals around jQuery as well as some cool tips and tricks to help you do some things you might not have thought of before. My tentative syllabus for the workshop is:

jQuery Overview and Development Options

What is jQuery. Why should you care, and how do you get started.

Deployment and Maintenance Best Practices

Make your life easier by learning the right way to deploy and maintain those scripts.

Using jQuery to make SharePoint more usable

Learn things like hiding menus, the search box, form fields, and auto populating data.

Reading / Writing SharePoint List data with jQuery

Truly unlock the power of client side development by interacting with data from your SharePoint Lists.

How to use third Party jQuery libraries in SharePoint

Learn to use Content Sliders, Tabs, Accordions, Calendars, and other groovy third party libraries.

Tips and Tricks for avoiding common pitfalls with jQuery

Along the way we'll discuss those thorns in the sides of many developers and how you can pull those out quickly.

So, feel free to come pick my brain and find out why I've chosen to embrace this red headed step child of SharePoint development. Maybe you can convince me to come back to the light side. J

Finally, if you register for SPTechCon by this Friday the 10th and use the code "RACKLEY" you can save $500 off registration, so if money is an issue there's an option for you.


I hope to see you there!


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